Find an Au Pair

Find an au pair in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, South Wales, Bristol and Hampshire.

An au pair is a domestic assistant from a foreign country working for, and living as part of, a host family. Typically, au pairs take on a share of the family’s responsibility for childcare as well as some housework.

The Au Pair scheme is a cultural exchange programme. It allows individuals to visit the United Kingdom, improve their English and learn about our culture, traditions and customs.

A host family are a family who:

  • Are looking for help with their day to day activities at home, including childcare and light housework. This may include ironing, taking children to school and helping them with homework, basic cooking for the children and playing with the children.
  • Will welcome you into their home as part of their family
  • Will in return provide you with your own room, food and pocket money, share their home, amenities and everyday life, and ensure that you are well looked after.
  • Will offer you help with finding an English language class so you can improve your English. Most families will offer a contribution to these classes.

The au pair may be male or female and typically aged between 17 and 27 years old from all EU countries and certain non EU countries.

An au pair or au pair plus will work 25 – 35 hours per week, 5 days per week, up to 2 nights babysitting and he/she has 2 free days off per week.

The au pair will help with light housework and help care for children (Please note: an Au Pair is not a substitute nanny and has no qualifications in childcare). In return the au pair will receive pocket money at a minimum of £70 – £85 plus free board and lodgings