Hiring a Nanny – The Process

Hiring a nanny in Cardiff, Newport, Bristol, South Wales and the West Country

Everycare Nannies is able to take the pressure off your childcare search needs and source a nanny without you being an employer. That’s right! Everycare Nannies employs its own childcare staff and send them to you for anything from a single evening to full time support.  Find out more by visiting our Hire an Everycare Nanny page

The nanny’s role and duties

A nanny is solely responsible for your child’s safety, well-being and development when you are not at home. You need to be confident that the nanny you employ is able to act in a professional and loving way to your child at all times.

A nanny’s normal day to day duties as well as caring for a child includes:

  1. Laundering children’s clothes
  2. Housekeeping of the children’s rooms and any other part of the house frequently used on duty.
  3. Preparing and cooking children’s meals. This can include purchasing too, using petty cash.
  4. Playing with their charges, observing developmental changes.
  5. Ensuring the child is safeguarded at all times.
  6. Providing emotional and nurturing support.

Nannies can be flexible but usually they will not conduct general domestic duties as part of their role. If this is a requirement of your role for your nanny, please mention this early in the process.

How many hours does a nanny work?

A full time live out nanny usually works 50 hour weeks, babysitting is extra. A live out nanny works 60 hour weeks with two evenings babysitting included. In larger households, nannies work to shifts.

In April 2009 nannies became entitled to a minimum of 28 days for someone working five days a week with bank and public holidays included in their minimum entitlement.

If you choose to hire an agency nanny, we will manage the employment part of the process.

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