Live-in Nannies

Live in nannies in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Bristol, South Wales, Hampshire and M4 Corridor

Live-in nannies provide full time wrap-around care that many working families require. They can provide care on a sole-charge or a shared care basis. Using the services of a live in nanny can provide families with the flexibility it requires providing daytime child care, babysitting and weekend cover when needed. Live in Nannies work 12 hour days.

Live-in nannies can be more cost effective than live-out nannies as they have accommodation and food provided as part of their employment. They work 60 hour weeks with 2 evenings babysitting included.

Whilst the benefits of having a live in nanny are many, employing the right person is essential as they will of course become part of family life living with you day and night as well as being around at weekends.

Live in nannies – what do you need to provide?

A live-in nanny will require:

  • Her own accommodation
  • Her own bathroom, sharing a bathroom with the children is often the norm.
  • Her own private space for off duty time.
  • A TV, use of the internet and home telephone.
  • Food is provided and paid for by you.

The duties of a nanny

Any duties that you expect your nanny to carry out should be set out clearly in her employment contract and it should be clear from the start what house rules you have.

If you have an Agency Nanny, we will of course take care of contractual issues.

Nanny duties usually include:

  • taking care of the children
  • doing the washing and ironing for the children
  • keeping clean their bedrooms and any communal areas in which they play
  • cooking meals for the family

House rules for nannies

You should make any house rules clear before their employment is confirmed. This may include your house rules on:

  • Drinking and smoking
  • Rules on guests coming to stay
  • How tidy you expect her room to be kept
  • Use of your car for personal trips