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Everycare Nannies was established to help improve standards in the recruitment of domestic an unregulated industry. We are the only agency in Wales to hold membership with the ANA (Association of Nanny Agencies) which provides a code of conduct that we adhere to strictly.

We pride ourselves that we do not discriminate so those families with children with additional learning needs (ALN’s) who will not be charged a higher fee, nor be in any way disadvantaged by choice as all our nannies have a basic understanding of ALN’s.

“Many thanks for so seamlessly organising a nanny for our newborn twins: you listened to our requirements and immediately found us an ideal candidate, keeping us informed during the process and providing the personal attention which transformed the nanny search from a chore to a pleasure. You were extremely efficient, quick to respond and far exceeded expectations. You gave us the contact details for our nanny well ahead of time and followed up with both us and her to ensure we were all happy. The nanny you sent us was kind, attentive to the babies, and flexible, putting their and our needs before her own”. Mrs I

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